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IBA CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS A not for Profit Organization Introduction These by-laws are written pursuant to and under the authority of the Articles of Incorporation of the Irving Bowhunters Association. Their purpose is to explain in the greater detail the general intent and purpose of the not for profit corporation and they are to be taken in conjunction with the Articles of Incorporation. In the event of any inconsistency in the Articles on incorporation and the By-Laws, The Articles of Incorporation shall prevail. ARTICLE I NAME The name of this organization shall be IRVING BOWHUNTERS ASSOCIATION (IBA). We are a not for profit corporation in the state of Texas ARTICLE II PURPOSE The purpose of IBA shall be: 1.To foster, perpetuate, and direct the practice of the types of archery among all ages, including Field, Target, and Hunting. This is to be done in accordance with the high spirit and honorable tradition of the sport. 2.To stimulate more sporting and hunting activities with bow and arrow to provide a place with proper supervision and training for under privileged youth to learn archery and safe hunting skills. 3.To help create and promote better hunting conditions in Texas and the nation. 4.To conduct continuous educational programs designed to acquaint the public, and youth in Particular with the proper safe use of the bow and arrow. ARTICLE III FISCAL YEAR The fiscal year of Irving Bowhunters Association will be from September 1st, to August 31st. ARTICLE IV DUES AND FEES Yearly Membership fees are due one year from receipt of payment from member Reminder notices will be made to the membership in the newsletter or by email prior to the renewal date each year. Membership dues shall be set by the Board each year by a 2/3 vote and approved by the board in August of each year. The new fees will be presented by the President and certified by the Treasurer. ARTICLE V MEMBERSHIP •General Membership shall be granted to any individual, business or organization who has an interest in archery, has paid the proper fees, completed the application. •All members shall have association voting privileges. Each member shall have one share of the Association and one vote.

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The Irving Bowhunters Association offers shooters a great shooting atmosphere, which is hidden in the rolling hills of Irving, TX just west of Dallas off of Loop 12. Irving Bowhunters Association is open to all who have an interest in the sport of archery. Membership allows to full access of the facility which includes the combination to the gate lock when you join. This facility provides you with a place to shoot and practice, where you can partake in club 3D and Field shoots.

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