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Range Rules

  • No guns.

  • No unleashed dogs

  • No hunting live animals.

  • No flight shooting (shooting toward the sky)

  • No glass containers

  • No open fires, or fires outside designated areas.

  • Extinguish all fires and cigarettes and properly dispose of remains.

  • No littering. Put trash in containers.

  • Broadhead shooting only in designated broadhead range by members only. (area are broadhead range and running deer range)

  • Place bow in front of bales while looking for arrows behind targets

  • No walking the range backwards, shoot targets in numerical order

  • Be considerate of other shooters and guests.

  • Treat IBA property with respect. Vandalism and theft will be prosecuted.

  • Always close and lock the gate upon entry and exiting unless a public shoot is being held

  • Think safety and shoot safely. Let everyone have fun.

  • Absolutely no alcohol on the range. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Members have access to the Archery Facility at anytime, where they can shoot the practice range starting at 20 yards all the way out to 100 yards. They can also shoot our field range where targets are set from 20 yards out to 80 yards. We also have a 3-D Range with a variety of targets on different lanes located on rolling wooded hills.

Field Archery

Three common types of IFAA and NFAA round are the field, hunter, and animal. A round consists of 28 targets in two units of 14.[2][3]

Field rounds are at 'even' distances up to 80 yards (some of the shortest are measured in feet instead), using targets with a black spot with a white inner ring and black outer ring. Four face sizes are used for the various distances. Scoring is five points for the center spot, four for the white inner ring, and three for the outer black ring.

Hunter rounds use 'uneven' distances up to 70 yards (64 m), and although scoring is identical to a field round, the target has an all-black face with a white bullseye. Child and youth positions for these two rounds are closer, no more than 30 and 50 yards (46 m), respectively.



3D Archery

The sport of 3D Archery is a form of Target Archery. It is also known as a very addicting and fun Archery sport. 3D Archery can be participated by anyone at any skill level. 3D Archery can be set in the woods, fields and sometime even indoor ranges. The goal of 3D Archery is having the ability to guess how far away the target is and know where to shoot to achieve the highest possible score. today


There are two types of archery events, marked yardage and unmarked yardage. The majority of the shoots are unmarked yardage. This means you stand at your designated stake and try to guess how far the target is. You then take your shot trying to score the highest possible points.

In Marked 3D Archery, they will tell you at each stake, how far the target is. Your object is to hit the highest scoring ring.


Types of Archery Targets

Generally, the 3D Archery will shoot at various animal shaped targets. These are close to life sized animals. The types of animals will vary depending on the club. You may see everything from Antelope, Deer, Sheep, Snakes, Beaver, Skunk, Moose, Elk, Cougar, Bobcat and much more.

3D Archery has many classes for different skill levels and equipment. Even beginners and children can have a lot of fun in this sport. The Archery equipment you use, is the deciding factor on how far away your targets will be. An example for bowhunter class it 35 yards and under.


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